5 Centerpiece Ideas That Aren’t Flowers

When people think of weddings, images of big, beautiful bouquets, elegant floral decorations, and roses down the aisle often come to mind. But from some brides, their big day doesn’t involve flowers in every nook and cranny (especially if a guest has sever allergies!). Consider some of these centerpiece ideas that don’t involve flowers for your wedding.

1. Books

Books may not come to mind immediately as wedding decor, but when stacked artfully, old books and books with beautiful covers can really work well as centerpieces. For a personal touch, incorporate some of your or your finance’s favorite books in the centerpieces, or design all of the pieces around your favorite genre.Books

2. Birdcages

Birdcages can really look beautiful and add a rustic touch to your wedding. Fill and decorate them with candles, ribbons, burlap, or lace, or let them stand on their own for a simple but tasteful look.


3. Candles

Candles are elegant and create a great lighting for your reception. Bunch candles with different heights together to add dimension or place tealight candles in vases filled with water to give your reception a cool modern look. Candles are also a great addition to any centerpiece idea!Candle

4. Succulents

Succulents are all the rage these days and incorporating them into your wedding would add a soothing natural touch. You can buy succulents that have already been grouped together in a vase or you can build your own centerpieces by buying them separately and arranging them in wooden crates or deep glass fish bowls. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and work well with almost any theme!


5. Fruit

Using fruit as wedding decor may seem a little odd at first, but fruit works surprisingly well in centerpieces. It’s cheap, it takes up a lot of space, and it can work well with any color scheme and in any season. Make big fruit baskets of seasonal or local fruits to put in the middle of round tables or lay fruits such as grapes out like a table runner along with lush greenery on long, rectangular tables. You might be amazed at how great fruit can look in a wedding!


Easy DIY Centerpieces for Any Season

Recently we had a photo shoot to get great pictures of our brand new icicle lights!

Event Center

We also had a representative from Google come to shoot a virtual tour!

We wanted to set up the Georgetown Event Center like a wedding reception to give you an idea about what it can look like for your reception. In order to do that we needed some great centerpieces, so we enlisted the help of our friends at Casa Linda Florals! The owner created some amazing centerpieces and was kind enough to show us how to do them! I was amazed at how easy they were to create and how you could use them for a wedding in any season!


The first centerpiece is a sunken glowing rose centerpiece. It looks beautiful and guests will be asking how you did it! You can use any kind of flower that you want to make it match your reception!

So here is what you will need:
– A vase
– Clear stones or beads
– A submersible LED light
– A rose (or any flower of your choice)
– A pin
– Water

First attach the bottom of the rose stem to the led light (that is already turned on) and put in the vase. Then carefully add as many clear stones as you would like without harming the rose. Next, VERY CAREFULLY and slowly add water to the vase making sure to pour from the side of the vase so as not to hit the petals. Pour until the flower is completely covered by the water. And Viola! You have your very own glowing sunken flower centerpiece!

Glowing Sunken Rose Centerpiece! You need a vase, clear stones or beads, a submersible led light, a rose and water. First attach the rose to the led light and put in the vase. Then carefully add as many clear stones as you would like without harming the rose. Next, VERY CAREFULLY and slowly add water to the vase making sure to pour from the side of the vase so as not to hit the petals.

It looks great with the lights on and the lights off!

The next centerpiece is EVEN easier!


I like to call this a beautiful branches centerpiece. It is so easy yet so beautiful and elegant and could work for any kind of wedding. The pebbles could be traded out for stones in any color. Also these birch branches could be traded out for branches from a flowering tree during your wedding season (maybe branches from a cherry tree that has cherry blossoms on it!)

So here is what you will need:
– A vase
– Gravel or pebbles (or any kind of stone you want)
– Tree branches (birch is pictured but you can use any kind you want)
– Hanging votive or tealight candle holders
– Votive or tealight candles (real or LED)

Fill the vase as full as you want with your stones. Then insert as many branches as you want into vase. Next hang the candle holders on the branches. Then place the candles in the holders and light them or turn them on (if they are LED candles). And TA DA! You have a beautiful branches centerpiece!

Easy, beautiful centerpieces. All you need is vases, pea gravel (or any stones really), tree branches (these are birch), hanging votive holders, and candles (these are led candles).

I love both of the centerpiece ideas because they can be used for weddings in any season, are inexpensive to make, and EASY to make!

If you choose to use them in your wedding, please feel free to share your photos!