4 Ways to Have a Beautiful Budget Wedding

Today, the average cost of a wedding is around $26,500, with many weddings approaching the $100,000 mark. But if you don’t feel like dishing out thousands of dollars for one day, consider these tips that will help you have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget. 

1. Manage your guest list

It’s easy to feel obligated to invite everyone you know to your wedding, but at the end of the day, the more people you add to your guest list, the more the cost of your wedding goes up. A wedding is a celebration, but it is also a day where the bride and groom share one of the most intimate moments of their relationship. Consider the people you truly want to share that moment with and who you would be happy to see on your wedding day. This will not only make your wedding day special and unforgettable, but will also help you save on the overall cost of the event.


2. Be smart about decorations

Lots of flowers and fancy decorations may look nice in pictures, but overdoing decorations can be a budget nightmare. For flowers, considering buying them on the cheap yourself from a grocery store or local flower mart and recruiting friends to make the arrangements for centerpieces and other decorations. Look for inexpensive flowers such as Baby’s breath and Carnations, and use greenery to fill the empty space since it is much cheaper (and just as pretty) as flowers. Also, look for decorations such as books, vases, and lights in second-hand stores and online. There are many websites that buy decor from real weddings and sell it used at a fraction of the cost.


3. Timing is everything 

The classic dinner party reception is tried and true, but it also expected and predictable. Having a brunch or lunch reception can be a fun way to change things up a bit, and can save you major cash on your reception bill. Also, think about not only the time of day but the day of the week you want to have your wedding. Typically, most venues have cheaper rates for weekday, Friday, and Sunday weddings. But the best way to save money is to have an off-season wedding. Venues will usually offer major discounts for brides who schedule their wedding in late fall or winter.  


4. Save on your venue

Most ceremony and reception venues will take out a large chunk of your budget, but don’t settle for spaces that will cost you an arm and a leg. Many conventional, all-inclusive venues can give you the vision and feel you are looking for, but end up costing more than if you create the vision yourself. Consider having your ceremony outdoors and allowing nature to serve as your decor, then rent a simple space for your reception. Renting a space that is a blank slate gives you a lot of creative freedom, and with a little help from friends and family (and maybe Pinterest), a DIY wedding is easier to pull off than you think.


Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on how to slash your wedding budget and save a few bucks on your big day. Happy planning!

8 Amazing Wedding Exits

Do you want your wedding to be unique and memorable? One great way to change things up on your wedding day is with a spectacular wedding exit! Aside from the fabulous photo ops, your wedding exit is the grand final to one of the best days of your life… So why not make it fun and fresh! Check out these non-traditional wedding exits for your special send off!


1.Bubbles: Make everyone feel blown away on your wedding day. All your guests will have so much fun blowing bubbles while watching you and your special guy walk away. Easy clean up too!


2. Sparklers: Why not spark up your wedding night with some actual sparklers! The sparklers will help make your wedding exits extra magical!


3. Ribbon Wands: Your guests can wave goodbye with some festive ribbon wands. The wands are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors as well!


4. Pom Poms: What a cute and quirky wedding exit, right? These small/soft pom poms will create a whimsical feeling that will make everyone smile at your wedding! You can DIY also!!


5. Neon Glow Stick: Your future will feel extra bright as your guest wave neon glow sticks at your send off! A great way to keep the party going!

glow stick wedding exit (plus 4 other unique wedding exits)-meets requirement of no fireworks!:


6. Flower Petals: Create a romantic exit with beautiful flower petals!  Just pick your favorite flower and color and there you go!


7. Confetti:  Nothing says a party without a little confetti! You could go with neutrals or metallics but of course color will make an extra fun splash at your wedding!


8. Balloons: Nothing says celebration like a bunch of balloons. If you’re not really a fan of having things thrown on top of you (or at you), this is an equally fun variation on the tradition!

10 Brides Who Rocked Wedding Dress Separates

Although most brides imagine their dress in one piece when they think of their wedding gown, wedding dress separates have recently become a major trend. Brides love how separate pieces allow them to customize their gown and wear a dress that is truly unique. Check out these brides who rocked the wedding dress separates trend.

1. This blushing bride


2. This edgy bride 


3. This gorgeous bride


4. This down-to-earth bride


5. This smiley bride

Ruffled - photo by http://www.jennabechtholt.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/los-angeles-rooftop-wedding/

6. This summery bride


7. This classy bride


8. This boho brideRuffled - photo by http://alyssamphotography.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/bohemian-luxe-wedding-inspiration

9. This hip bride


10. This casual bride


5 Ways to Incorporate Gold in Your Wedding

Gold is all the rage for weddings right now, but if your confused about how to incorporate it on your big day, here are five ways to have a gorgeous, gold wedding.

1. Shoes

Although many brides opt for classic white or even blue shoes (for the’something blue’), gold wedding shoes can add a touch of glamour without overdoing it. For brides who find too much gold overbearing and gaudy, but still want the sparkle, this is a great option.


2. Bridesmaids’ Dresses

For attire all your bridesmaids will love and look great in, choose gold dresses. They can be sparkly, muted, or even different shades, and the best part about gold dresses (besides the fact that your bridesmaids will actually want to wear them again!) is that they look great in pictures.


3. Invitations

For eye-catching invites that will make your guests feel glamorous just looking at them, use gold card stock or lettering, or decorate your invitations with a gold ribbon or envelope. It’s sure to get your guests excited about your big day!


4. Your Wedding Gown

If you want to sparkle every step of your walk down the aisle, look for gold when buying your wedding gown. You can add gold details, such as a glimmery belt or gold sequins, or for the bride who wants to shine all night long, go all out with a completely gold gown!


5. Decor

This is for the bride who really loves the gold wedding trend. If you want every part of your wedding to shimmer, use gold decorations in the ceremony and the reception. For the first half of your wedding, walk down a gold aisle runner or say your vowels in front of a glamorous gold backdrop. Then serve dinner and dessert on gold plates and table cloths and give guests something beautiful to look at with gold centerpieces.


10 Tips to Conquer a Bridal Show

So you have the man, the ring, and the biggest smile on your face…what else could you possibly need??

Well everything, of course. Luckily there is a one stop shop for all things wedding- the Annual Georgetown Bridal Show! It may sound overwhelming, but with these tips, you can walk out knowing that you have everything under control.

1. Pre-Register


The link to our Bridal Show on February 22nd is http://georgetownbridalshow.com/register/ (You can also win prizes by registering early!)

2. Eat a Small Meal Beforehand


You know you are in for a ton of samples, but have a small meal before you head out. That way you will know what really tastes good if you aren’t a ravenous beast!

3. Wear Comfy Shoes


You will be doing a ton of walking. Save the heels for your big day! Comfort is key.

4. Bring a Friend


You will want second (or maybe even third and fourth opinions) on each vendor you see. Of course the choice is all yours, but friends can be helpful to bounce ideas off of, and to cover more ground!

5. Make a Check-list


Venues, caterers, cakes, honeymoon, decorations…the list seems to go on and on! But with a guideline, you know for sure you can hit all of the essentials.

6. Bring Business Cards


Don’t waste time writing down your contact information at every booth! Have a supply of cards handy to make the info swap less of a hassle!

7. Bring a Color Swatch

Fabric swatches of your wedding colors can always come in handy if you come across and accessory booth, so you can find the perfect bridesmaid necklaces, or flower girl basket!

8. Have your planner or Calendar app handy


You may need to set up other tastings and meetings with each vendor, so to be sure you don’t forget about all your obligations, use your calendar app or planner!

9. Leave Before You Can’t Take Anymore-


Don’t leave wishing you never have to think about weddings again! It’s inevitable that you will need to sort through all of the brochures and handouts you collected once you get home. So shop around until you almost drop!

10. Demand a Foot Rub-


You have had a long, successful and conquering day! The only thing you need now is a foot rub for a job well done.

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Easy Ways to Incorporate Your Heritage Into Your Wedding

Want to spice up the cliche American wedding? How about you pay homage to your ancestor’s homeland by including a few (not too out there) traditions into your big day? You can even consider combining your’s and the groom’s bloodline traditions into a truly unique celebration.


-As the bride, carry lengths of white ribbon with your bouquet to hand out at the end of the ceremony for guests to tie in a bow on their vehicles antenna. (Makes for a beautiful uniform procession to the reception).

-Decorate the hood of your “getaway car” with flowers, as opposed to hanging cans off of the trunk to clang around.


– During the toasts at the reception, include the following traditional Irish Blessing:

May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.

May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase.

May the saddest day of your future

Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

May your hands be forever clasped in friendship

And your hearts joined forever in love.

Your lives are very special,

God has touched you in many ways.

May his blessings rest upon you

And fill all your coming days.

-(For the Mother-in-Laws) Want to ensure a loving relationship with with your new daughter? As she walks into her house for the first time after the ceremony, break a piece of the wedding cake over her head!


-For your floral arrangements, choose lilies (to represent a happy union for 100 years), orchids (to represent love, wealth, and fortune) and lotuses (to represent a shared heart and harmony).

-Instead of the Americanized embarrassing Best Man speech, stick to the Chinese way and only offer praise of the newly weds!


-At the reception, have a heart shaped piñata for your guests filled with sweet treats!

-It is custom for brides and bridesmaid to wear light blue slips under their dresses.


-For your color palette, choose bright and vibrant hues, because your wedding is an exciting celebration!

– At, or after the reception, plant a tree with your new husband to symbolize the growth in your relationship to come.


-Wear a green dress (or even just a green broach or ribbon) during your rehearsal dinner for good luck!

-Give out “confetti” or Jordan Almonds to your guests as favors to represent the sweetness as well as bitterness to come.


-I think the Brits have it right, in that the bride pays for her bridesmaid dresses! I don’t think your friends will complain.

– Give gifts to the “mums” during the speeches, either flowers or a hand written note thanking them for their help.

I know I have left out many other countries’ traditions, but a quick Google search can put you on the right path to plan a truly memorable wedding!

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9 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Your New Monogram into Your Wedding

With the growing  fad of having everything you own monogrammed, it’s no wonder women want to show off their new married initials on their big day.

Here are some unexpected and, frankly, adorable ways to celebrate with your new monogram!

1. Ring Bearer’s Pillow



2. Your Bouquet



3. On Your Veil



4. Lighting for Your Dance Floor



5. Table Runners



6. Cookies!




7. Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses



8. Wedding Cake (either as shown, or as a fun cake topper!)



9. (My favorite) Comfy Bride Shoes for the Reception



Looking for a beautiful yet affordable wedding venue? Georgetown Event Center is the perfect place for you! We even have an area where you and your bridesmaids can relax and get in the zone! Located near Austin, Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a great place to have your wedding reception. Find out more at www.GeorgetownEventCenter.com.