10 Tips to Conquer a Bridal Show

So you have the man, the ring, and the biggest smile on your face…what else could you possibly need??

Well everything, of course. Luckily there is a one stop shop for all things wedding- the Annual Georgetown Bridal Show! It may sound overwhelming, but with these tips, you can walk out knowing that you have everything under control.

1. Pre-Register


The link to our Bridal Show on February 22nd is http://georgetownbridalshow.com/register/ (You can also win prizes by registering early!)

2. Eat a Small Meal Beforehand


You know you are in for a ton of samples, but have a small meal before you head out. That way you will know what really tastes good if you aren’t a ravenous beast!

3. Wear Comfy Shoes


You will be doing a ton of walking. Save the heels for your big day! Comfort is key.

4. Bring a Friend


You will want second (or maybe even third and fourth opinions) on each vendor you see. Of course the choice is all yours, but friends can be helpful to bounce ideas off of, and to cover more ground!

5. Make a Check-list


Venues, caterers, cakes, honeymoon, decorations…the list seems to go on and on! But with a guideline, you know for sure you can hit all of the essentials.

6. Bring Business Cards


Don’t waste time writing down your contact information at every booth! Have a supply of cards handy to make the info swap less of a hassle!

7. Bring a Color Swatch

Fabric swatches of your wedding colors can always come in handy if you come across and accessory booth, so you can find the perfect bridesmaid necklaces, or flower girl basket!

8. Have your planner or Calendar app handy


You may need to set up other tastings and meetings with each vendor, so to be sure you don’t forget about all your obligations, use your calendar app or planner!

9. Leave Before You Can’t Take Anymore-


Don’t leave wishing you never have to think about weddings again! It’s inevitable that you will need to sort through all of the brochures and handouts you collected once you get home. So shop around until you almost drop!

10. Demand a Foot Rub-


You have had a long, successful and conquering day! The only thing you need now is a foot rub for a job well done.

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6 Favors That I Want from Your Wedding

I’m not trying to be sassy, but I’m not lying either. If one of these gift ideas is not available at your wedding, I may be severely disappointed. And so will your guests. Because who doesn’t love sweets and comfort??

  1. To-Go Cookie Buffet

favor 1

Ask Aunts or cousins that are not too involved in the wedding festivities to make their favorite treats! Or go for the catered route with cookies from your favorite bakery.

  1. Customized Shot Glasses

favor 2

It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your new Monogram as well!

  1. S’mores Kit

favor 3

This is also perfect for an “after-tizer” for those who stay around long into the night! Consider having a fire going outside as well!

  1. Flip Flops

favor 4

Don’t you remember prom? By the end of the night, the high heels were long gone. But now your guests won’t feel bad for ditching them, and the celebrating can really begin!

  1. Personalized Chapstick Labels

favor 5

Okay, so maybe not everyone is as addicted to this stuff as I am, but they sure do come in handy! No one keeps up with these for very long, so an extra can never hurt!

  1. Candy Bar

favor 1

Now you can go one of two ways with this: either use you and the groom’s favorite treats, or keep it color coordinated with your specific colors. Either way, consider getting personalized M&M’s! They are definitely crowd pleasers.

Looking for a beautiful yet affordable wedding venue? Georgetown Event Center is the perfect place for you! We even have an area where you and your bridesmaids can relax and get in the zone! Located near Austin, Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a great place to have your wedding reception. Find out more at www.GeorgetownEventCenter.com.

Midweek Mumbles: “I Couldn’t Say ‘I Do’ Without You!”

Yes, you know what I’m talking about! Bridesmaids! The girls whom are like sisters to you and want standing next to you as enter the next chapter of your life with your new husband.

Bridesmaids go through a lot (from what I’ve seen in movies and shows, I haven’t been to a wedding in a while..) from unflattering dresses, going through dress shopping, planning the bachelorette party, the list goes on and on! And let’s not even get started on the maid of honor’s duties!

Your bridesmaids are you girls, the one you would gladly shout, “UTERUSES BEFORE DUDERUSES!” for and they’ll be the ones calming you down on your special day. So it makes sense to show your appreciation for all that they do/will do/have done with a token of your gratitude.

Here a few gift ideas that I personally love:

The phrase is cute and simple, the charm is a symbol that you value them and hope to be friends forever! Cheesy, but adorable especially with the small pearl.

Making a weekend out of your wedding? These Wedding Survival bags are perfect! Not only are the bags cute enough to reuse, but they also say, “Hey, this is going to be a great weekend and I’m glad you’ll be here for it.”

Make your gifts themed! Here’s a cute theme without being over done. It has everything a girl would need!

Who doesn’t love perfectly groomed nails?! This is adorable and a nice way to let your bridesmaids pamper themselves! Include the polish for the wedding and you’re set!

They’re going to need something to put their phone, lipstick, and camera in while they’re dancing the night away! And the customization is beautiful!

Want to see more? Check out this Pinterest search: click here!


Looking for a beautiful yet affordable wedding venue? Georgetown Event Center is the perfect place for you! We even have an area where you and your bridesmaids can relax and get in the zone! Located near Austin, Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a great place to have your wedding reception. Find out more at www.GeorgetownEventCenter.com.

Easter Wedding Inspiration

Easter, that wonderful time of year when an Easter bunny used to bring you eggs filled with chocolate. But Easter isn’t just kids! Easter can also be used as inspiration for your Spring wedding! From pastels to colored eggs, Easter can be the perfect inspiration for your wedding.


Simple Easter Decor: Ombre Egg Vase  from familycircle.com #easter  For more Easter decor ideas, head to familycircle,com

Ombre eggs in vases make gorgeous centerpieces, plus you can dye them to match your wedding colors!

pastel bridesmaid dress Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel bridesmaid dresses scream Spring! You can either have your bridesmaids wear all the same color pastel or let each of them choose their own color!

This bunny wedding cake topper is just too cute for words!

laduree macarons

Macaroons are a lovely Easter treat, fluffy and sugary! The would be a great substitute for a wedding cake, a delightful dessert, or an amazing wedding favor!

Flowers set in eggshells on top of egg cups would make lovely centerpieces for an Easter time wedding!


Bouquets or centerpieces made with Easter Lilies are beautiful anytime of the year but best at Easter!










The ring bearer could carry your rings in a beautiful (Easter) nest complete with Mr. & Mrs. eggs!

Pastels, Easter eggs, bunnies, and macaroons! Nothing is off limits when it comes to Spring weddings!

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I LOVE getting party favors when I leave any event. Free goodies, yes please! Although not all weddings include parting gifts to their guests (and it is definitely not necessary), it is always fun when they do.

Mason Jar Cookies
There are so many different ways to do this, but for this post I am going to weave in my new favorite obsession: pudding.
Did you know you can make pudding into cakes, cupcakes, cookies and shakes?  I had no idea. But you can, and it is delicious.

1. Start off by decorating your mason jars. Paint them,plaster them in glitter, or put a picture of the happy couple on them!
2. Cut out swatches of a fabric that corresponds with the wedding theme (you will use these later).
3. Next find your cookie recipe. I found this recipe on doubledippedlife.com:

  • 4 1/2 cups all purpose flour
    2 teas baking soda
    1/2 teas. salt
    2 cups butter, softened
    1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar
    1/2 cup white sugar
    2 small packages of INSTANT chocolate pudding
    4 eggs
    1 teas vanilla
    3-4 cups of your favorite chocolate chips
  • Preheat oven to 350, or a convection oven to 325.
    In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.
    In a very large bowl cream together the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar. Beat in the instant pudding mix until blended.
    Stir in the eggs and vanilla.
    Blend in the flour mixture. (Dough will be very thick! I mix by hand… or my husband’s hand…)
    Finally, stir in chocolate chips. Drop cookies by rounded spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets.
    Bake for 10-12 minutes. If you are using a convection oven, bake for 10 minutes.
    Leave cookies on the cookie sheet for a few minutes, and then transfer to cool on wire rack.

4.  Layer by layer place all the dry ingredients into the mason jar. Flour, some chocolate chips, sugar, pudding, more chocolate chips… you get the idea.
5. Once you have everything in the jar place the swatch over the opening and tightly secure the lid on top of the swatch.
6. Write (or type) out the wet ingredients guests will need to include themselves along with the baking instructions on a piece of paper.
7. Hole punch the instructions, thread ribbon through the hole and tie it around the jar. Done!


More accurately, flowers to be.

1. Buy packets of seeds (super easy to find at home improvement stores or plant nurseries) that match your wedding flowers. If you can’t find those, go ahead and just choose your favorite flower or one that grows well in your area’s climate.
2. For packaging think outside of the box. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

  • Envelopes
    -Decorate the front with pictures, poems, or you could even hand them out after the ceremony as a cute way to give directions to the reception location.
    -Make sure to include the plant info and growing instructions on the back.
  • Potpourri bags
    -Pour seeds into the bags and tie with ribbon or twine.
    -Type up all the plant info and growing instructions on a piece of paper and attach it to the string.

    So sweet!

3. Hand them out to guests as they leave. This party favor is great because guests will always have a reminder of you in their yards!