5 Times Your Flower Girl will be Cuter than You

Let’s face it. There is only one person who could steal the show at your wedding. And that person is your flower girl! So don’t miss out on these precious photo ops.

1. The Getting Ready Photo



2. The In-Awe Photo



3. The Big Girl Dress Photo



4. The Little Helper Photo


5. The Little Kiss Photo


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8 Amazing Wedding Exits

Do you want your wedding to be unique and memorable? One great way to change things up on your wedding day is with a spectacular wedding exit! Aside from the fabulous photo ops, your wedding exit is the grand final to one of the best days of your life… So why not make it fun and fresh! Check out these non-traditional wedding exits for your special send off!


1.Bubbles: Make everyone feel blown away on your wedding day. All your guests will have so much fun blowing bubbles while watching you and your special guy walk away. Easy clean up too!


2. Sparklers: Why not spark up your wedding night with some actual sparklers! The sparklers will help make your wedding exits extra magical!


3. Ribbon Wands: Your guests can wave goodbye with some festive ribbon wands. The wands are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors as well!


4. Pom Poms: What a cute and quirky wedding exit, right? These small/soft pom poms will create a whimsical feeling that will make everyone smile at your wedding! You can DIY also!!


5. Neon Glow Stick: Your future will feel extra bright as your guest wave neon glow sticks at your send off! A great way to keep the party going!

glow stick wedding exit (plus 4 other unique wedding exits)-meets requirement of no fireworks!:


6. Flower Petals: Create a romantic exit with beautiful flower petals!  Just pick your favorite flower and color and there you go!


7. Confetti:  Nothing says a party without a little confetti! You could go with neutrals or metallics but of course color will make an extra fun splash at your wedding!


8. Balloons: Nothing says celebration like a bunch of balloons. If you’re not really a fan of having things thrown on top of you (or at you), this is an equally fun variation on the tradition!