Things You Can Do When You Save Money on Your Venue

Why pay thousands for your “perfect” venue, when you won’t have extra money left over for the fun stuff? If you want your guests to have an amazing time, you should consider some form of extra entertainment. Make your wedding unforgettable with these 4 unique entertainment options!

1. Hire a Magician


A good street musician can find ways to entertain without causing a big scene. Obviously the bride and groom are the main stars of the night, so what better way to surprise your guests, than wowing them with a few tricks at their table?

2. Hire a Caricaturist


This option allows for wonderful entertainment, as well as giving your guests a personalized memento of your special day!

3. Hire a Live Band


You have to have some form of music at your reception anyways, so why not go for a live option? Cover bands are always a hit, because no one wants to listen to songs they have never heard all night.

4. Rent a Photo Booth


You probably are already hiring a photographer, but a photo booth is entirely different. People love silly pictures that get printed on the spot. We have many different preferred photo booth vendors that have consistently proven to please our guests. Check out the list by clicking the “Preferred Vendors” tab on the Event Center website.\

Looking for a beautiful yet affordable wedding venue? Georgetown Event Center is the perfect place for you! We even have an area where you and your bridesmaids can relax and get in the zone! Located near Austin, Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a great place to have your wedding reception. Find out more at


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