Photo Booth Fad Done Fabulously

Photo booths have become all the rage at every event, party, and especially wedding receptions.

But why settle for an actual booth, that’s too cramped, too plain, and doesn’t allow everyone to see the fun?

How about creating your own, personalized background and have an actual photographer? This way is much more enjoyable for people to watch, and more special for you!

Clueless on ways to make that photo booth-esque look?

Here are many ideas ranging from super simple, to stunningly intricate!

1. Hanging Lights


Simple, yet magical. reminds me of the Wall of Lights at the Georgetown Event Center!

2. Circle Stands


An easy, yet fun way to bring in your entire color scheme!

3. Ribbon Curtain


Another way to match your scheme, done by simply tying a variety of fabrics to a rope!

4. Pallet and Flower Wall

booth 5

Wonderful for you indoor or outdoor rustic style reception!

5. Antique Door


How cute would it be if you could get your hands on some of these adorable doors! Keep in mind that with the right painting and distress technique, anything can look antique!

6. Screen Door Painting


Any screen will do! This over sized floral pattern is lovely, but if something with a pattern is more up your ally, try chevron!

7. Painted Floral Backdrop


May be easy if you are handy with a paintbrush, or maybe you could pass this project off to someone who is! So many options with color and style! The confetti is fun too!

8. Old Living Room Wall


How fun some tacky wall paper and holes in the wall can be! You could also take a more rustic approach and have the frames hang on wood.



What fun is a photo booth without the chance to look silly! Consider these signs for some great laughs. Maybe even throw in some over sized glasses, hats, and boas!

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