I Just Planned Your Whole Christmas Wedding…You’re Welcome

‘Tis the season to be married…

So maybe you haven’t even considered a holiday wedding. But what’s not to love? Lights, presents, snow (well if you aren’t from Texas)…your big day has the potential to be a Winter Wonderland. It’s the most magical time of the year, and lucky for you, I have done all the planning to make the magic happen. Read on to discover why your first dance may be “All I Want for Christmas is You!”

1. Your Dress

Top 8 Hot Wedding Dresses Styles for Winter Wonderland Weddings 2014 #tulleandchantilly

With three quarter lace sleeves, you will look elegant without having to show a lot of skin

2. Your Bridesmaids

Dessy - long wine colored bridesmaid gown

This deep red and flowy design will have them feeling ready for the red carpet, but not to upstage you, of course!

3. Your Flower Girl

Christmas Flower Girl dress trimmed in red - perfect

The adorable rose accents are so vibrant, you actually may have some competition for the spotlight!

4. The Groom and Groomsmen

Groom/Groomsmen- Black tuxedo for all the boys, groom wears white vest (to match bride), bestman wears purple vest (to match maid of honnor) and the other groomsmen wears charcoal gray best (to match other bridesmaids)

Simple yet classic, consider a dark grey tux as shown instead of the stereotypical black and red look!

5. Your Ring Bearer

Formal Boy Tuxedo Black with Red Cherry Vest for by carmiashop, $33.99

Just like the big boys, but with a bowtie!

6. Your Venue

Just the perfect little country church! Wouldn't this be a beautiful place for a small wedding?

Okay, even if little white chapels aren’t your thing, imagine the shots your photographer could get! But for a more modern look, check out the Georgetown Event Center! (Shameless plug)

7. Bouquets

Another wedding weekend over...another bouquet caught!! Is it bc I am tall and athletic or is the universe trying to tell me something??!! This crazy heffa will just have to wait and see.....;)

Add some unexpected lilies for something unique!

8. Reception Tables

Incredible red rose centerpiece for glamorous wedding at Hotel Bel Air, planning by Mindy Weiss, photos by Joy Marie Photography | junebugweddings.com

Notice how the mirrored table top adds extra dazzle to this sparkling tablescape!

9. Your Cake

Christmas Wedding Cakes And Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Now I could do without the greenery surround this beautiful cake, but the stacked presents look is sure to amaze!

10. Hot Cocoa Bar…Must

Adorable DIY hot cocoa bar #fall #autumn #hotcocoa

Consider skipping out on the rustic look by using sparkling crystal bowls instead!


So maybe I left out just a few things for you to take care of, but with this start, you may just want to get married this Christmas!


Looking for a beautiful yet affordable wedding venue? Georgetown Event Center is the perfect place for you! We even have an area where you and your bridesmaids can relax and get in the zone! Located near Austin, Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a great place to have your wedding reception. Find out more at www.GeorgetownEventCenter.com.


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