7 Times When Presentation is Everything

I believe there is a common misconception that for your reception to impress your guests, the food needs to be something you would imagine is served to royalty. Coming from a girl who believes “Comfort Food” is THE most important food group, I think that childhood favorites never fail to please. The only difference between your mother’s grilled cheese sandwiches and stellar wedding food, is the way it is presented. Check out these all-American foods that look fit to serve to the Queen!

1. Mashed Potato Martini



Guests will enjoy picking their toppings, which could include crunchy bacon bits, scallops, sauteed mushrooms, and shredded cheese.

2. Vegetable Shooters

For some colorful freshness, use your choice of sliced bell peppers, celery, carrots, cucumbers or even cherry tomatoes on a skewer, served with creamy ranch

3. Sliders and Fries



Its a well known fact that mini food is cuter. So put your sliders on a tiered platter and serve crispy fries in adorable paper cones!

4. Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs



While normal fruit kabobs are pretty stereotypical, the heart shaped cut out deems super impressive. Use watermelon and strawberries as shown, or consider other fruits to complement your color scheme!

5. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters

With just the perfect sized sandwich, and the perfect amount of soup for dipping, don’t be surprised if you experience feelings of nostalgia

6. Stacked Oreos


This by no mean has to replace your cake, but just by stacking them so gracefully, everyone will be reaching for America’s favorite cookie!

7. Late Night Cookies and Milk


Another childhood favorite, served simply but beautifully for guests who may have worked up an appetite from dancing late into the evening.

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