Be a Bearable Bride


Maybe you’re worried of becoming your friends’ and family’s worst nightmare (not to mention your fiancé’s as well), or perhaps you have already self-identified as the ominous Bridezilla. Either way, keep these tips in mind in order to cage the beast inside us all!

  1. Know that your wedding WILL NOT go exactly as planned.

Accept it. No amount of practice or organization is going to stop the rain from pouring the day of your outdoor ceremony, or keep your flower girl from coming down with a stomach bug the day before. Hopefully you won’t experience such terrible circumstances, but you must remember to embrace the bumps in the road. They are all part of the experience of wedding planning. Maybe  the story of a half drunk best man  loudly belching during his speech will turn into a beloved memory years down the road. So don’t sweat it!

  1. Forget about being a perfectionist.

Don’t stress over the small things; they do not make much difference in the long run. I bet you could not even begin to describe the name cards used for seating at the last wedding you attended. So don’t lose your cool if the font wasn’t right, or someone picked the wrong shaped napkins. No one is coming to scrutinize these trivial things; they came to see you are your husband-to-be start a new journey of your relationship.

  1. Take time out for your fiancé.

Your guy deserves props. Remember, he’s the one having to deal with you the most when something isn’t going your way. So take time to de-stress with each other. Whether it’s a nice dinner out at his favorite restaurant or a night in with Netflix and a cheap bottle of wine- trust me, he will appreciate it. Spending this time together will also remind you of the reasons you are planning the wedding in the first place. This will keep your priorities straight.

  1. Take care of your bridesmaids.

These are the girls you hand- picked to celebrate one of the best days of your life with you, so treat them that way. While of course their job is to help you out with the process anyway they can, make sure the tasks you give them do not become overbearing. They do have their own lives to deal with, so make sure they feel helpful, not swamped. In another light, remember that your bridesmaids ARE there to help you. Don’t attempt to do everything yourself because you want it done “right”. Give your friends some credit, and let them lift some burdens from you. When they do this, be sure to thank them with a sentimental note or small, thoughtful gift along the way!

  1. Last but DEFINITELY not least, take care of yourself.

With all of the cake tastings and venue tours, it can be easy to forget about yourself and your own well-being. Treat yourself to a pedicure, whether it’s at the salon, or you do it yourself. Also, set aside some time each week to work out. Not only will you burn off calories, but you will burn off the stress and anxiety that is probably building up. Personally, though I am not planning a wedding at the moment, when I catch myself being short with people for no real reason, I immediately decide it’s time for a good run. If you try it, I bet you’ll even sleep better at night instead of just going over a to-do list in your mind.

Try your best to implement these things into your planning process and life!

But when push comes to shove, at least send out a warning:

bride warning

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