#Hashtags: 5 Ways to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Wedding

Social Media. Everyone has a social media presence and many people (like myself) cannot go two minutes without checking their Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram.

Though this can seem like a problem, especially when you are trying to share a special and momentous moment  in your life, brides have found a way to embrace the constant cell phone checking. “How?!” do you ask? By using a hashtags!

Not only are hashtags a great way to see your big day from others’ points of view, but maybe someone might catch a cute moment that your photographer might’ve missed! The use of hashtags are a great way to get your guests involved and really feel apart of your special day.

Here are a few cute signs letting the guests know to hashtag the wedding!

Chalkboards are huge right now!

This is great! It reminds guest to not only use Instagram, but Facebook and Twitter too! Maybe you could get your wedding trending! 😉

I love how this couple decorated the chalkboard with flowers! It’s also a great way to tell your guests WHEN to use their phone!

Even though this doesn’t use a hashtag, it’s a great way to get your guests to interact during all the waiting and let’s them know what photos you want to see!

This one is so beautiful! Placing this where the guests need to pick things up is a great way to ensure that they’ll see the sign!


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