Midweek Mumbles: Videography

I am an avid fan of YouTube. I have a list of YouTubers that I watch everyday and am so invested in their lives and their success. So it may be no surprise that I look to these videos as a beautiful way to share precious moments.

One couple that I was particularly fond of was Charles Trippy and Alli Speed. They have done a vlog every single day for five years straight. They were the “it” couple of YouTube and their wedding was trending worldwide on twitter the day of. Now, while they of coursed vlogged their wedding, they brought in other YouTubers to make an “official” wedding video; they brought in Apprentice A, who is currently working on a documentary with another YouTuber.

To me, this video is beautiful. It is something out of a fairy tale and a nice way to capture such a big moment  in the young couples’ lives. I’ve seen older wedding videos where there are just clips cut together of random parts of a wedding. However, as of late (other than the Trippy Wedding above) I don’t hear much about Wedding videography. The focus is more on photos, and while that’s not a bad thing, I think that something can be lost in photos that can be captured in video.

So what do you all think? Would you have a cinematic wedding video like the Trippy Wedding? Or a video of clips from throughout the wedding? Or do you not care so much about the video as you do the photos?

Let me know in the comments down below! See you next week!


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