Midweek Mumbles!

Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3…

Hello everyone! My name is Xandria and I am the summer intern here at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce! I’ll be taking over the blog every Wednesday for the duration of my internship.

Now, I am in no way a bride, bride-to-be, or even married! Aside from all of the pretty things that I’ve pinned onto my wedding board on Pinterest, I haven’t the faintest idea of how you would go about planning a wedding! That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, because I sure do have plenty of those to go around!

I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll be posting, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out! So for now, let’s start with the basics:

Do I have any party planning experience?
Well, not party, per say, but during the school year I was in an organization called the University Programming Council. Every week, a group of us would work together to create P.R. and plan for the entertainment that Friday. We call it Friday Night Live, and the acts ranged from musicians and bands, poets, magicians, comedians, and so much more! It was a fun time, I even helped to plan and execute two of the larger events!

What do I think about weddings?
I haven’t been to one in… FOREVER. But, from what I do remember, they are so much fun and filled with happiness, and excitement, and bubbles. I don’t know about any of you in blogland, but weddings and bubbles go hand in hand in my mind… not quite sure why…

Do I want to get married… ever?
Ha ha… ha… Well, I used to be the girl that didn’t want to get married, that didn’t want kids, that wanted to Miss Independent. But now, after being sucked in by TLC, and especially Say Yes To The Dress, I can’t wait to get married! I mean, I want to finish college and get on my feet first, but the thought of getting married and planning and everything makes me really giddy!!


So, until next Wednesday,


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