Friday Five: Ways to Incorporate Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

I hope all of you are have a great Friday. Today I want to focus on including those important people that have passed on before your wedding. They are those people that you want to include at your wedding someway but don’t know quite how. Luckily there are plenty of different ideas for how you can honor them at your wedding. Below are just a few that I felt were touching but won’t overshadow your big day with a cloud of gloom.

#1 Leave a Seat for Them at the Ceremony


Providing a seat for you lost loved one will show that they have a special place in your heart and at your wedding.

#2 Carry (or Wear) a Photo Charm

picture on bouquet

Attaching photo charms to your bridal bouquet or to the back of your shoes is a great way to carry your loved ones with you on your special day.

#3 Wear a Piece of Their Jewelry








Wearing a piece of jewelry that your loved one always wore or wore on their wedding day is a way to discrete way to keep them close to you on your wedding day.

#4 Add a Note in the Program

Adding a simple note in your wedding program or mentioning their names in the program will be a nice simple way to honor those who have passed.

#5 Add a Piece of Their Clothing to Your Wedding Dress

You can have a piece of their old shirt, scarf, or favorite dress cut into a heart and sewn onto your wedding dress so they will be with you on your wedding day.

And that is your Friday Five. Honoring a lost loved one is a nice way to incorporate them into one of the most important days of your life.

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