Friday Five: Fun Boutonniere Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone! I wanted to take this Friday to focus on one of the groom’s and groomsmen’s few accessories: the boutonniere. While the boutonniere is often times an afterthought, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you can make it a statement piece that your guests will remember! While normally, the boutonnieres are made from the same or miniature flowers that match the bride’s and bridesmaid’s flowers, they don’t always have to. This Friday we are going to explore some alternatives to the traditional boutonniere.

#1 Golf Tees Boutonniere

Golf Tee Bouts








If your guy in a big golf lover (or if you are getting married on a golf course) why not incorporate it into your big day in a small but noticeable why? Plus you can use golf tees that match your wedding colors!

#2 Starfish or Seashell Boutonniere

If you have a beach wedding, I love the idea of using a starfish or seashell as a boutonniere to go with the beach wedding theme!

#3 Pinwheel Boutonniere

If you are having a more whimsical wedding, than pinwheel boutonnieres are definitely the way to go!

#4 Shotgun Shell Boutonniere

If your groom is more into the masculine things in life and loves to hunt or shoot skeet, he will love having a boutonniere made from a shotgun shell!

#5 A Simple Heart Boutonniere

A heart as a boutonniere, simple and swoon worthy!

And that is your Friday Five! I hope you enjoyed exploring the different types of unique boutonnieres!

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