Friday Five: Wedding Day Advice

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you had a great week. Today, we are going to provide you with some top notch wedding advice to adhere to on your wedding day!

So your big day has finally arrived! Your venue is booked, your menu is picked, and your dress is perfect! Now what you ask? Now, you need to focus on having an amazing time! So here are five wonderful pieces of advice to help make sure that you enjoy your big day!

#1 Don’t sweat the small stuff. Yes, something might go wrong, the ring bearer might trip or the flower girl may forget to throw petals. Don’t worry about it! Don’t obsess over it! There is no point fussing over something you can’t change! Instead, you should smile, laugh and keep enjoying your special day.

#2 Spend a lot time with your new spouse at your reception. Yes, it is polite to greet all of your guests but instead of going with the divide and conquer tactic, greet everyone together, go to the tables together, and HOLD HANDS! Stick together as much as possible so you can enjoy everything together!

bride on her phone preston bailey bride ideas

#3 Don’t check your cell phone! You should not expecting any calls that are more important than your wedding. If you are concerned about the caterer or officiant calling for some reason, give your phone to someone you trust like your maid of honor or mother. They will check it for you and let you know if something dire comes up.

#4 Don’t worry about trying to please everyone else. This is your big day! Make sure that YOU and your new spouse get to enjoy it. Don’t get caught up in drama that might be happening and worry if everyone is enjoying the food. What matters most is that you get to enjoy your day!

#5 “At your reception, stop talking and visiting with people for 10 seconds, 10 different times throughout the night and just take it all in.  Look around. Remember the people you see. Remember what your decorations looked like. Watch your husband. See him smile across the room. Just be. Just remember.”- Samantha

And that is your Friday Five! I hope you take this advice to heart and make the best of your wedding day!

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