Trending: Aftertizers

One of the newest wedding reception trends that is catching on quickly is Aftertizers.  Aftertizers, as the name suggests, are late night hors d’ouerves or snacks. They are served closer to the end of the evening, sometime after the wedding cake, during the dance. They are great for guests who like to nibble on something after dinner and can help sober up the guests that have had a little too much to drink.

The great thing about Aftertizers are that there are no rules, you can serve whatever you want, however you want. Some people prefer so serve traditional hors d’ouerves while others choose fun snacks, either way you can’t go wrong, and the guests will love having something to munch on!

Some great ideas include pizza, French fries, sliders, cookies s’mores and ice cream treats.  One of the most fun ideas that I have seen is renting a food truck that will park outside and serve your guests whatever they want!

Aftertizers are a fun way to set your wedding apart from the rest and will keep your guests full, happy, and dancing all night long!

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