Friday Five: Innovative Save the Dates

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a great day! As we all know, one of the first things you send out to announce your wedding is your Save the Dates. They let your guest know what day they need to keep open so they can go to the all important event: your wedding. So here are five super cute and inventive ways to tell your friends and family to save the date!


#1 Using a Picture to Announce the Date in a Creative Way

If you or your guy has a special sport that you both enjoy, why not use some jerseys to announce the date. I think that this is a great way to take an adorable picture and use the picture to announce the date. Not a sports fan? You and your fiancé can jump onto the chalkboard trend and hold chalkboards (or posters) up that announce your date. Or you can find cute numbers at your local craft store to hold up. The possibilities are endless!

#2 Save the Date Scratch Offs

wedding save the date scratch off modern weddings

Almost everyone loves to do scratch offs and your guests are no exception. They will love the fun that your save the dates provide and will be sure to tell you what a great idea they were!

#3 Chalk Photo Save the Dates

Chalk and chalkboards have been a very big trend lately. I love the idea of taking a photograph of the happy couple laying on top of a chalk drawing. Not to mention, it’s completely adorable!

#4 Confetti Explosion!

Confetti explosion- such a great way to get you guests excited for your wedding. And they are so FUN!!! Not to mention that you can make them yourself. Just click on one of the pictures about to be led to DIY instructions!

#5 A Save the Date Puzzle

I love creative save the date ideas, so of course I love this puzzle idea. What a cute thing to send to your guests. What’s the best save the date idea you’ve seen? Share it with me, I love hearing about new ideas. Xoxo, Sarah

Puzzles can be so much fun to do! Your guests will enjoy putting together this puzzle to learn when you wedding is going to be!

And that is your Friday Five! Do you have any other creative save the date ideas?


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