Friday Five: Wedding Flowers for Spring

Spring has sprung! Trees are budding, the weather is beautiful and flowers are blooming! Not to mention its Friday, which means its time for another Friday Five! One of the great things about having a wedding in the Spring is all of the fun flower choices. So here are five beautiful, in season flowers to make your big day even more beautiful!

#1 Anemones











Anemones are gorgeous and available in a wide variety of colors. However, they are more expensive flowers. If you love anemones but it doesn’t fit into your budget to have a large bouquet of them, try adding a few anemones to a bouquet of less expensive flowers. You will get the look of anemones with a price that fits comfortably in your budget.

#2 Sweet Peas


Scented Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas also come in a variety of colors. They look lovely in a bouquet by themselves or mixed in with other spring flowers.

#3 Peonies

Peonies are another type of flower that bloom in the Spring. They are beautiful but can also be pricey. Mixing them into a bouquet with lots of greenery and other flowers can help you achieve the look for less.

#4 Irises

For a less expensive yet distinctive look, irises are a great choice. Pictured are purple and white irises but they are also available in other colors. They look great mixed into a bouquet with other flowers and can play a lead or supporting role in the bouquet.

#5 Tulips


Tulips are a classic Spring wedding flower! They are a less pricey yet beautiful option for wedding flowers.


And that is your Friday Five, now please go outside and enjoy this beautiful Spring day!


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