First Look Photo Session – Yay or Nay?

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered this trend, a “first look” photo session is when the bride and groom get to see each other dressed in their wedding attire before the ceremony. It gives them a chance to see each other before everyone else is staring them down as the bride walks down the aisle. On one hand it makes for some great photographs, one the other hand, the guests don’t get to see them groom’s priceless reactions when he first gets to see his bride.

So what do you think, are first look photos worth the guests missing the groom’s first reaction? Yay or Nay?

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Friday Five: Wedding Day Advice

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you had a great week. Today, we are going to provide you with some top notch wedding advice to adhere to on your wedding day!

So your big day has finally arrived! Your venue is booked, your menu is picked, and your dress is perfect! Now what you ask? Now, you need to focus on having an amazing time! So here are five wonderful pieces of advice to help make sure that you enjoy your big day!

#1 Don’t sweat the small stuff. Yes, something might go wrong, the ring bearer might trip or the flower girl may forget to throw petals. Don’t worry about it! Don’t obsess over it! There is no point fussing over something you can’t change! Instead, you should smile, laugh and keep enjoying your special day.

#2 Spend a lot time with your new spouse at your reception. Yes, it is polite to greet all of your guests but instead of going with the divide and conquer tactic, greet everyone together, go to the tables together, and HOLD HANDS! Stick together as much as possible so you can enjoy everything together!

bride on her phone preston bailey bride ideas

#3 Don’t check your cell phone! You should not expecting any calls that are more important than your wedding. If you are concerned about the caterer or officiant calling for some reason, give your phone to someone you trust like your maid of honor or mother. They will check it for you and let you know if something dire comes up.

#4 Don’t worry about trying to please everyone else. This is your big day! Make sure that YOU and your new spouse get to enjoy it. Don’t get caught up in drama that might be happening and worry if everyone is enjoying the food. What matters most is that you get to enjoy your day!

#5 “At your reception, stop talking and visiting with people for 10 seconds, 10 different times throughout the night and just take it all in.  Look around. Remember the people you see. Remember what your decorations looked like. Watch your husband. See him smile across the room. Just be. Just remember.”- Samantha

And that is your Friday Five! I hope you take this advice to heart and make the best of your wedding day!

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Trending: Aftertizers

One of the newest wedding reception trends that is catching on quickly is Aftertizers.  Aftertizers, as the name suggests, are late night hors d’ouerves or snacks. They are served closer to the end of the evening, sometime after the wedding cake, during the dance. They are great for guests who like to nibble on something after dinner and can help sober up the guests that have had a little too much to drink.

The great thing about Aftertizers are that there are no rules, you can serve whatever you want, however you want. Some people prefer so serve traditional hors d’ouerves while others choose fun snacks, either way you can’t go wrong, and the guests will love having something to munch on!

Some great ideas include pizza, French fries, sliders, cookies s’mores and ice cream treats.  One of the most fun ideas that I have seen is renting a food truck that will park outside and serve your guests whatever they want!

Aftertizers are a fun way to set your wedding apart from the rest and will keep your guests full, happy, and dancing all night long!

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Friday Five: Trash the Dress Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a spectacular day! This Friday Five is a fun after the wedding idea that has turned into a very popular trend! Trashing the dress is a fun way to get to wear (and then possibly destroy) your dress one last time after the wedding. You can also get the groom to grab his tux and y’all can take some adorable newlywed pictures. If you don’t want to completely destroy your dress, there are some “trash the dress” options that only require a thorough cleaning before you pack your wedding dress away. So without further ado, here is your Friday Five: Trash the Dress edition!

#1 Beach Fun

Going to the beach is always fun, but it can be even more fun on your wedding dress. Plus it can make for some beautiful pictures!

#2 Playing with Paint


Putting paint all over your wedding dress probably takes it past the point of no return, however, it does make for photos that will be priceless!

#3 Snow Day!

Making snow angels and having a snowball fight would be lots of fun in your wedding dress!

#4 Going Mudding

A lot of Southern girls enjoy going mudding! So why not play in the mud in your very best dress?!?

#5 Go for a Swim









Taking a swim is always fun and underwater pictures in your wedding dress will be absolutely stunning!

And that is your Friday Five!  Do you dare to trash your wedding dress?

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Easter Wedding Inspiration

Easter, that wonderful time of year when an Easter bunny used to bring you eggs filled with chocolate. But Easter isn’t just kids! Easter can also be used as inspiration for your Spring wedding! From pastels to colored eggs, Easter can be the perfect inspiration for your wedding.


Simple Easter Decor: Ombre Egg Vase  from #easter  For more Easter decor ideas, head to familycircle,com

Ombre eggs in vases make gorgeous centerpieces, plus you can dye them to match your wedding colors!

pastel bridesmaid dress Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel bridesmaid dresses scream Spring! You can either have your bridesmaids wear all the same color pastel or let each of them choose their own color!

This bunny wedding cake topper is just too cute for words!

laduree macarons

Macaroons are a lovely Easter treat, fluffy and sugary! The would be a great substitute for a wedding cake, a delightful dessert, or an amazing wedding favor!

Flowers set in eggshells on top of egg cups would make lovely centerpieces for an Easter time wedding!


Bouquets or centerpieces made with Easter Lilies are beautiful anytime of the year but best at Easter!










The ring bearer could carry your rings in a beautiful (Easter) nest complete with Mr. & Mrs. eggs!

Pastels, Easter eggs, bunnies, and macaroons! Nothing is off limits when it comes to Spring weddings!

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Friday Five: Innovative Save the Dates

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a great day! As we all know, one of the first things you send out to announce your wedding is your Save the Dates. They let your guest know what day they need to keep open so they can go to the all important event: your wedding. So here are five super cute and inventive ways to tell your friends and family to save the date!


#1 Using a Picture to Announce the Date in a Creative Way

If you or your guy has a special sport that you both enjoy, why not use some jerseys to announce the date. I think that this is a great way to take an adorable picture and use the picture to announce the date. Not a sports fan? You and your fiancé can jump onto the chalkboard trend and hold chalkboards (or posters) up that announce your date. Or you can find cute numbers at your local craft store to hold up. The possibilities are endless!

#2 Save the Date Scratch Offs

wedding save the date scratch off modern weddings

Almost everyone loves to do scratch offs and your guests are no exception. They will love the fun that your save the dates provide and will be sure to tell you what a great idea they were!

#3 Chalk Photo Save the Dates

Chalk and chalkboards have been a very big trend lately. I love the idea of taking a photograph of the happy couple laying on top of a chalk drawing. Not to mention, it’s completely adorable!

#4 Confetti Explosion!

Confetti explosion- such a great way to get you guests excited for your wedding. And they are so FUN!!! Not to mention that you can make them yourself. Just click on one of the pictures about to be led to DIY instructions!

#5 A Save the Date Puzzle

I love creative save the date ideas, so of course I love this puzzle idea. What a cute thing to send to your guests. What’s the best save the date idea you’ve seen? Share it with me, I love hearing about new ideas. Xoxo, Sarah

Puzzles can be so much fun to do! Your guests will enjoy putting together this puzzle to learn when you wedding is going to be!

And that is your Friday Five! Do you have any other creative save the date ideas?


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Date Night Jar

I stumbled across the idea for a Date Night Jar a few days ago and couldn’t wait to share it with y’all! It is so simple to make! A Date Night Jar can be used as a fun game at a bridal shower or in place of a guest book at your wedding!

Bridal Shower Game, Baby Shower Game, Marriage Advice for the Bride and Groom, Date Night Ideas - JAR ONLY

All you need is a mason jar (or two), a cute label for the jar, some large popsicle sticks (or pieces of paper), and pens. Place the jars where your guest book would have been or right next to your guestbook. Ask your DJ throughout the night to remind your guests to write down date night ideas so you will be set for at least your first year together.

If you want, you can even provide different color sticks or pieces or paper that group the dates by how expensive they are.

Date Night Jar

When you get back from your honeymoon and can’t think of another great date idea, you can just reach into your date night jar and pull out a great idea from one of your sweet wedding guests!

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