Friday Five: Cute Cake Toppers

I am a lover of all things cake, especially at a wedding! If you have a gorgeous wedding cake that also tastes divine, you have already won me over! I will think that your wedding was fantastic, despite what other flubs it may have had. And every great cake needs an ADORABLE cake topper. So here are a few that will definitely make a statement at your wedding!

#1 “Best Day Ever”

Wedding - Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper - Gold

This topper will definitely take the cake! It says in an adorable way what you want to scream from the rooftops on your wedding day “BEST DAY EVER!”

#2  Personalized Silhouettes

Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper, Acrylic Cake Topper, made from your photograph by Wedded Silhouette

Silhouettes on top of a cake are subdued yet beautiful. They can add just the right touch to a simple wedding cake. Plus, if you buy (or make) personalized silhouettes you guests will be amazed when they realize the cake toppers are actually the newlyweds!

#3 “Mr. & Mrs.”

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper, Several Wire Colors Available, Wedding Cake Topper

It you haven’t been able to tell already, signage has become very popular at weddings and cake toppers haven’t been excluded from that trend! The trick with trends is to go with something that seems modern but can also appear classic. Mr. & Mrs. will always be classic and having it written out with wire makes it modern!

#4 Oh Deer!

If you are from the south, you have probably dealt with a fair share of hunting, camouflage, and deer. A cute deer cake topper can bring the groom’s love of hunting into the wedding while still looking classy.

#5 Infinite Love

Infinity Love Cake Topper

Having an infinity symbol as your cake topper is the perfect way that say that your love will last forever. You can even get a personalized one with your names inside it if you want it to show that the two of you will be together until the end of time!

And that is your Friday Five! Did you have a traditional cake topper or one that was out of the box?

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