The Fight Box (aka the Wine and Love Letter Box)

The First Fight Box/Fight Box/Wine and Love Letter Box is a fairly new trend. Whether or not you choose to do one or even like the idea of one is completely up to you.

So what is a Fight Box you ask? The idea of it is actually sweet. You and your groom write love letters to each other before your wedding and don’t let each other read them. Then during your ceremony, you put both of the letters, a wine bottle (or any alcohol you like), and two wine glasses in a box (most of them are beautiful just in case you want to display them in your home later). Next, you and your groom take turns using a hammer to nail the box shut.









You aren’t supposed to open the box until you hit a rough patch or a designated anniversary (like your 10th or 25th).  When its time to open it, pour yourselves some wine and read the sweet letters you wrote to each other!

Some people hate the idea of calling in a fight box because they don’t even want to think about fighting on their wedding day. But the truth is, any couple is going to fight, it is not only normal, it can also be healthy for your relationship! So if you and your groom don’t like the name, just call it your love letter and wine box!


There are also some great ways to modify the fight box idea to suit you and your groom better. Some choose to put together the fight box in private before the wedding. I think it is much more of a wedding reception activity rather than ceremony one myself. Some couples open it every anniversary, drink the wine and read the letters then restock it with new wine and new love letters for the next anniversary!

However you choose to use it, the box idea is a great way to add something special to your wedding that you will keep for a very long time!

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