Friday Five: Substitutes for Ring Bearer Pillows

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Are you ready to discuss one of the cutest members of you wedding party? The ring bearer has long been one of the most adorable parts of the wedding. What can make him even cuter? Some twists on the traditional ring pillow!

#1 An Adorable Sign

I love sweet signs that are personalized to the groom in some way. You could go with the new classic “Here comes the bride,” or mix it up a little with a sign like the one pictured above. If you want to go the funny route, you can find signs that say “Last chance to run” or “Where are the rings?”

#2 A Handcrafted Wooden Box

This box is an adorable and easy DIY! I love how it has a much safer place to keep the rings and is twice as cute as a pillow!

#3 A Safe

ring bearer

This alternative will definitely make your guests go “awww,” giggle, and say “that is an adorable idea, why didn’t I think of that!” Outfitting your ring bearer to look like a security guard with an ear piece and black sunglasses will complete the look.

#4 Ring Bowl

With This Ring Ring Bearer Bowl from Paloma's Nest

Ring Bowls are becoming more popular! You can find ones with classic sayings or have your names or initials printed on them to make them more personal. They can be purchased or you can make one yourself!

#5 A Book

You can carve out a space from one of your favorite book and place the ring inside for the ring bearer to carry. If you don’t like the idea of cutting up a book, you can tie the book up with some ribbon (like you would a present) and attach the rings to the ribbon!


And that is your Friday Five! Do you have any other ideas that you are planning on having your ring bearer carry?

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