Friday Five: Summer Wedding Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone! Thankfully today is going for be a pretty day (unlike the weather we have been having lately). It is March in Texas, it is supposed to be warm not wintery! Anyway, this Friday Five will hopefully warm you up! Here are five amazing ideas that you can use at your summer wedding!

#1 Sunglasses for you guests if your wedding is outdoors

I love the idea of providing sunglasses for your guests if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Throw in an adorable sign that says “Don’t get blinded by our love!” and your guests will melt (from the cuteness of course!)

#2 Fans/ Fan Programs

If you are worried about your guests getting warm at your summer wedding, these fan programs are perfect! They provide your guests with the program and give them something to help them cool off if your love for each is other too hot for them to handle!

#3 Sun Umbrellas

Some of your guests may have very sensitive skin and not want to sit outside during a wedding ceremony. Tell them not to fret because you will have these adorable umbrellas on hand to make sure that they don’t get a burned.

#4 Chilled Water Bottles (with personalized labels)

It is great to have chilled water bottles at the entrance of your wedding ceremony that guests can grab as they walk in. If you want to be cute, add a personalized label to them! If you are crafty, you can find plenty of DIY options to make your own labels. If you aren’t a crafty person, there are a lot of companies that will make the label and sell you bottles by the case!

#5 An Indoor Reception Venue

Room with Lighting

While it is great to have your ceremony outside, you and your guests may need a break from the heat (especially for a Texas wedding!). Having an outdoor ceremony with and indoor reception gives you the best of both worlds: the beauty of nature with the relief of an A/C!

If you are planning to have a summer wedding and need a venue, check out Georgetown Event Center! Located outside of Austin in Georgetown, Texas, it is a great place to have to wedding of your dreams!

And that is your Friday Five! I hope that this has warmed you up and has you getting ready for summer!


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