Friday Five: Cute Cake Toppers

I am a lover of all things cake, especially at a wedding! If you have a gorgeous wedding cake that also tastes divine, you have already won me over! I will think that your wedding was fantastic, despite what other flubs it may have had. And every great cake needs an ADORABLE cake topper. So here are a few that will definitely make a statement at your wedding!

#1 “Best Day Ever”

Wedding - Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper - Gold

This topper will definitely take the cake! It says in an adorable way what you want to scream from the rooftops on your wedding day “BEST DAY EVER!”

#2  Personalized Silhouettes

Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper, Acrylic Cake Topper, made from your photograph by Wedded Silhouette

Silhouettes on top of a cake are subdued yet beautiful. They can add just the right touch to a simple wedding cake. Plus, if you buy (or make) personalized silhouettes you guests will be amazed when they realize the cake toppers are actually the newlyweds!

#3 “Mr. & Mrs.”

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper, Several Wire Colors Available, Wedding Cake Topper

It you haven’t been able to tell already, signage has become very popular at weddings and cake toppers haven’t been excluded from that trend! The trick with trends is to go with something that seems modern but can also appear classic. Mr. & Mrs. will always be classic and having it written out with wire makes it modern!

#4 Oh Deer!

If you are from the south, you have probably dealt with a fair share of hunting, camouflage, and deer. A cute deer cake topper can bring the groom’s love of hunting into the wedding while still looking classy.

#5 Infinite Love

Infinity Love Cake Topper

Having an infinity symbol as your cake topper is the perfect way that say that your love will last forever. You can even get a personalized one with your names inside it if you want it to show that the two of you will be together until the end of time!

And that is your Friday Five! Did you have a traditional cake topper or one that was out of the box?

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The Fight Box (aka the Wine and Love Letter Box)

The First Fight Box/Fight Box/Wine and Love Letter Box is a fairly new trend. Whether or not you choose to do one or even like the idea of one is completely up to you.

So what is a Fight Box you ask? The idea of it is actually sweet. You and your groom write love letters to each other before your wedding and don’t let each other read them. Then during your ceremony, you put both of the letters, a wine bottle (or any alcohol you like), and two wine glasses in a box (most of them are beautiful just in case you want to display them in your home later). Next, you and your groom take turns using a hammer to nail the box shut.









You aren’t supposed to open the box until you hit a rough patch or a designated anniversary (like your 10th or 25th).  When its time to open it, pour yourselves some wine and read the sweet letters you wrote to each other!

Some people hate the idea of calling in a fight box because they don’t even want to think about fighting on their wedding day. But the truth is, any couple is going to fight, it is not only normal, it can also be healthy for your relationship! So if you and your groom don’t like the name, just call it your love letter and wine box!


There are also some great ways to modify the fight box idea to suit you and your groom better. Some choose to put together the fight box in private before the wedding. I think it is much more of a wedding reception activity rather than ceremony one myself. Some couples open it every anniversary, drink the wine and read the letters then restock it with new wine and new love letters for the next anniversary!

However you choose to use it, the box idea is a great way to add something special to your wedding that you will keep for a very long time!

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Friday Five: Substitutes for Ring Bearer Pillows

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Are you ready to discuss one of the cutest members of you wedding party? The ring bearer has long been one of the most adorable parts of the wedding. What can make him even cuter? Some twists on the traditional ring pillow!

#1 An Adorable Sign

I love sweet signs that are personalized to the groom in some way. You could go with the new classic “Here comes the bride,” or mix it up a little with a sign like the one pictured above. If you want to go the funny route, you can find signs that say “Last chance to run” or “Where are the rings?”

#2 A Handcrafted Wooden Box

This box is an adorable and easy DIY! I love how it has a much safer place to keep the rings and is twice as cute as a pillow!

#3 A Safe

ring bearer

This alternative will definitely make your guests go “awww,” giggle, and say “that is an adorable idea, why didn’t I think of that!” Outfitting your ring bearer to look like a security guard with an ear piece and black sunglasses will complete the look.

#4 Ring Bowl

With This Ring Ring Bearer Bowl from Paloma's Nest

Ring Bowls are becoming more popular! You can find ones with classic sayings or have your names or initials printed on them to make them more personal. They can be purchased or you can make one yourself!

#5 A Book

You can carve out a space from one of your favorite book and place the ring inside for the ring bearer to carry. If you don’t like the idea of cutting up a book, you can tie the book up with some ribbon (like you would a present) and attach the rings to the ribbon!


And that is your Friday Five! Do you have any other ideas that you are planning on having your ring bearer carry?

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Friday Five: 5 Things to have your Flower Girl carry (besides petals)

Are you having a nice Friday so far? Great, because it is about to get even better! This Friday we are going to give you some wonderful alternatives to the traditional flower girl petal toss. While the idea of having the flower girl throw petals is adorable, you might be looking for something different (and want to avoid the expense of buying petals just to be thrown on the ground and walked all over). If this sounds like you, here are some great ideas:

#1 “Here Comes the Bride” sign

I love the idea of having you flower girl(s) carry a sign. Here is the classic “here comes the bride,” but you can go any route you like. You can even personalize it like “Hey (insert groom’s name), here comes your girl”!

#2 Balloons

You can have your flower girl carry a bouquet of balloons in your wedding colors or two white heart balloons. Your flower girl will be delighted that she gets to carry balloons and your guests will love your creativity.

#3 A Flower Ball

Lots of pomander ideas!

If you want your flower girl to carry flowers but don’t want her to throw petals all over the floor, flower balls (also called pomanders) are a great alternative.

#4 A Lantern

Having your flower girl carry a lantern will add a nice touch of whimsy to your wedding and will light up your flower girl’s face!

#5 A Wand

Your flower girl will feel and look like a little fairy princess carrying a wand adorned with flowers and ribbons!

And that is your Friday Five! Be sure to check back next week to see some alternatives to the traditional ring bearer pillow!

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Easy DIY Centerpieces for Any Season

Recently we had a photo shoot to get great pictures of our brand new icicle lights!

Event Center

We also had a representative from Google come to shoot a virtual tour!

We wanted to set up the Georgetown Event Center like a wedding reception to give you an idea about what it can look like for your reception. In order to do that we needed some great centerpieces, so we enlisted the help of our friends at Casa Linda Florals! The owner created some amazing centerpieces and was kind enough to show us how to do them! I was amazed at how easy they were to create and how you could use them for a wedding in any season!


The first centerpiece is a sunken glowing rose centerpiece. It looks beautiful and guests will be asking how you did it! You can use any kind of flower that you want to make it match your reception!

So here is what you will need:
– A vase
– Clear stones or beads
– A submersible LED light
– A rose (or any flower of your choice)
– A pin
– Water

First attach the bottom of the rose stem to the led light (that is already turned on) and put in the vase. Then carefully add as many clear stones as you would like without harming the rose. Next, VERY CAREFULLY and slowly add water to the vase making sure to pour from the side of the vase so as not to hit the petals. Pour until the flower is completely covered by the water. And Viola! You have your very own glowing sunken flower centerpiece!

Glowing Sunken Rose Centerpiece! You need a vase, clear stones or beads, a submersible led light, a rose and water. First attach the rose to the led light and put in the vase. Then carefully add as many clear stones as you would like without harming the rose. Next, VERY CAREFULLY and slowly add water to the vase making sure to pour from the side of the vase so as not to hit the petals.

It looks great with the lights on and the lights off!

The next centerpiece is EVEN easier!


I like to call this a beautiful branches centerpiece. It is so easy yet so beautiful and elegant and could work for any kind of wedding. The pebbles could be traded out for stones in any color. Also these birch branches could be traded out for branches from a flowering tree during your wedding season (maybe branches from a cherry tree that has cherry blossoms on it!)

So here is what you will need:
– A vase
– Gravel or pebbles (or any kind of stone you want)
– Tree branches (birch is pictured but you can use any kind you want)
– Hanging votive or tealight candle holders
– Votive or tealight candles (real or LED)

Fill the vase as full as you want with your stones. Then insert as many branches as you want into vase. Next hang the candle holders on the branches. Then place the candles in the holders and light them or turn them on (if they are LED candles). And TA DA! You have a beautiful branches centerpiece!

Easy, beautiful centerpieces. All you need is vases, pea gravel (or any stones really), tree branches (these are birch), hanging votive holders, and candles (these are led candles).

I love both of the centerpiece ideas because they can be used for weddings in any season, are inexpensive to make, and EASY to make!

If you choose to use them in your wedding, please feel free to share your photos!

Friday Five: Summer Wedding Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone! Thankfully today is going for be a pretty day (unlike the weather we have been having lately). It is March in Texas, it is supposed to be warm not wintery! Anyway, this Friday Five will hopefully warm you up! Here are five amazing ideas that you can use at your summer wedding!

#1 Sunglasses for you guests if your wedding is outdoors

I love the idea of providing sunglasses for your guests if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Throw in an adorable sign that says “Don’t get blinded by our love!” and your guests will melt (from the cuteness of course!)

#2 Fans/ Fan Programs

If you are worried about your guests getting warm at your summer wedding, these fan programs are perfect! They provide your guests with the program and give them something to help them cool off if your love for each is other too hot for them to handle!

#3 Sun Umbrellas

Some of your guests may have very sensitive skin and not want to sit outside during a wedding ceremony. Tell them not to fret because you will have these adorable umbrellas on hand to make sure that they don’t get a burned.

#4 Chilled Water Bottles (with personalized labels)

It is great to have chilled water bottles at the entrance of your wedding ceremony that guests can grab as they walk in. If you want to be cute, add a personalized label to them! If you are crafty, you can find plenty of DIY options to make your own labels. If you aren’t a crafty person, there are a lot of companies that will make the label and sell you bottles by the case!

#5 An Indoor Reception Venue

Room with Lighting

While it is great to have your ceremony outside, you and your guests may need a break from the heat (especially for a Texas wedding!). Having an outdoor ceremony with and indoor reception gives you the best of both worlds: the beauty of nature with the relief of an A/C!

If you are planning to have a summer wedding and need a venue, check out Georgetown Event Center! Located outside of Austin in Georgetown, Texas, it is a great place to have to wedding of your dreams!

And that is your Friday Five! I hope that this has warmed you up and has you getting ready for summer!