Friday Five: Groom’s Cake Alternatives

Happy Friday Everyone! Are you ready for another Friday Five! Wonderful, I am too! Today’s Friday Five will bring you some great alternatives to the regular chocolate groom’s cake. Let’s face it, sometimes people don’t want cake for dessert (it’s shocking to me too!). Having another choice besides white or chocolate cake will delight some of your guests while the rest get to devour your wedding cake. So without further ado here is your Friday Five: Groom’s Cake Alternative Edition.

#1 Banana Pudding

Being in the South, people love their banana pudding! If it is the groom’s favorite, why not serve it on the big day?

#2 Pie

Another Southern favorite: pie! You can either serve the groom’s favorite or have a variety for your guests to choose from. You can choose to serve mini pies or slices of a regular sized pie.

#3 Cookies & Milk

Who can resist cookies and milk? Whether you choose to have America’s favorite cookie or homemade chocolate chip cookies, your guests won’t be able to resist them!

#4 Donuts

If the groom is a big breakfast guy, why not let him choose one of his favorite breakfast foods: Donuts! Delicious and sweet, donuts are a great substitute for a groom’s cake!

#5 Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is a great alternative to the regular groom’s cake. You can set up an ice cream bar with various toppings or offer your guests a selection of ice cream pops and treats!

And that is your Friday Five! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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