Friday Five: Wedding Flowers on a Budget

It is that time again! Happy Friday Everyone!

Today’s edition is about using flowers that won’t blow your budget. Between bouquets, centerpieces,  boutonnieres, and various other flowery decorations, flowers can take up a big chunk of your budget. But the good news is, they don’t have to! It is important to remember to look for flowers that will be in season on your wedding date, which means they will be less expensive than any other time of the year. However, there are some flowers that are cheap year around. Below are flowers that are budget friendly 365 days a year!

#1 Baby’s Breath

Long known as just fillers, Baby’s Breath are finally being used to stand out on their own! I think bouquets of baby’s breath are simple and elegant.

#2 Greenery

While not technically a type of flower, greenery is a perfect stand in! Greenery is usually cheaper than flowers but can be just as beautiful. The succulents pictured above make beautiful centerpieces.

#3 Gerbera Daises

Flowers Flowers Flowers :  wedding flowers riverside Large I020 large_i020

Daises look beautiful in a bouquet by themselves or mixed in with other flowers. They also make gorgeous centerpieces. If you want to be whimsical (and budget friendly) you can have your bridesmaids carry single gerbera daises instead of bouquets.

#4 Carnations

Okay, now stay with me on this one. I know the carnation has long been looked down upon, but look at the wonderful centerpieces pictured above! When grouped tightly, the carnations make beautiful centerpieces and bouquets. It’s time we give this under-rated flower some much deserved respect.

#5 Sunflowers

Sometimes called a weed, sunflowers look like anything but! They are simple and beautiful. Because of their size, sunflowers can be used as a bouquet or as a single flower.

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