Friday Five: Groom’s Cake Alternatives

Happy Friday Everyone! Are you ready for another Friday Five! Wonderful, I am too! Today’s Friday Five will bring you some great alternatives to the regular chocolate groom’s cake. Let’s face it, sometimes people don’t want cake for dessert (it’s shocking to me too!). Having another choice besides white or chocolate cake will delight some of your guests while the rest get to devour your wedding cake. So without further ado here is your Friday Five: Groom’s Cake Alternative Edition.

#1 Banana Pudding

Being in the South, people love their banana pudding! If it is the groom’s favorite, why not serve it on the big day?

#2 Pie

Another Southern favorite: pie! You can either serve the groom’s favorite or have a variety for your guests to choose from. You can choose to serve mini pies or slices of a regular sized pie.

#3 Cookies & Milk

Who can resist cookies and milk? Whether you choose to have America’s favorite cookie or homemade chocolate chip cookies, your guests won’t be able to resist them!

#4 Donuts

If the groom is a big breakfast guy, why not let him choose one of his favorite breakfast foods: Donuts! Delicious and sweet, donuts are a great substitute for a groom’s cake!

#5 Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is a great alternative to the regular groom’s cake. You can set up an ice cream bar with various toppings or offer your guests a selection of ice cream pops and treats!

And that is your Friday Five! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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Friday Five: Five Reasons to Attend the Georgetown Bridal Show

Happy Friday Everybody! We are getting ready for a very busy and exciting weekend! The annual Georgetown Bridal Show ( will be held on Sunday, February 23!!! It is going to be a great event that showcases 60 vendor choices representing businesses from Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, & more. Plus it is FREE to attend! The show will be held at East View High School in Georgetown, TX from 11 to 3pm. There will be bartenders, bridal shops, caterers, photographers and many more! So here are five reasons that you have to attend this show!

#1. There will be a Fashion Show!

Fashion show @ Georgetown Bridal Show

The Fashion Show starts at 1:30pm and is going to be wonderful! The last fashions in bridal wear will be modeled for all of the attendees!

#2 Wedding Seminars


Wedding Planning Seminars will be held starting at 11:15am. Some of the topics include DIY Flowers and Budgeting for the Big Day. For a full list of seminars just click on the picture above or follow this link:

#3 Bridal Bags

The first 250 brides to come in the door will receive free bridal bags stuffed with a lot of goodies!

#4 Prizes

The Georgetown Bridal Show has facebook contests, will be giving door prizes away throughout the day of the show and will give one lucky bride a FREE HONEYMOON! Who wouldn’t want to win a free honeymoon? To register which will qualify you for the honeymoon giveaway click on the picture above or follow this link : To win the honeymoon, the bride must also attend the show.

#5 Awesome Vendors! (including us!)

Georgetown Event Center - Weddings, Quinceaneras, Meetings, & More

The Georgetown Event Center (that’s us!) and a bunch of awesome other vendors will be at the show! Some may even be offering discounts to brides that sign up to use them!


And that is your Friday Five! We are very excited about the show and hope to see you there!!

Friday Five: Out of the Box Guest Book Ideas

TGIF! And Friday means its time for another edition of Friday Five!

Are you looking for a guest book different than the rest? Then this Friday Five is for you! Today is about having something different than the plain old “sign your name on the line” guest book. Here are five fabulous ways to make sure your guestbook is memorable for you and your guests!

#1 A Wedding Puzzle

Wooden puzzles are a fun guest book idea. Get one of your favorite pictures of the two of you printed on the front of the pieces and ask your guests to sign the back! You will love reading the sweet notes your guests left while putting the puzzle together.

#2 A Cozy Quilt


Having your guests write their warm wishes on a quilt will keep you warm from the inside out. The best part is that you can use the quilt for many years to come. If you don’t want to display a huge quilt or would like to personally choose how the messages are arranged, just have a basket of fabric squares for your guests to sign to get sewn into a quilt later. Don’t forget the fabric pens!

#3 A Guest Book Bench

image of Wedding Details

I love the idea of having guests sign a bench that you will treasure forever. You can chose any type of wooden bench or chair and let the guest leave their messages with a sharpie. Don’t forget to put a clear stain over it! It can then be displayed at the foot of your bed or any room in your house!

#4 A Bottle of Champagne or Wine

Have your guests sign one (or more) wine or champagne bottles to be opened on your anniversary! You will have a great time reminiscing about your special day!

#5 Jenga Pieces

Have your guests write some heartfelt notes on a set of jenga pieces. Every time you play you will be reminded of how much you and your spouse are loved!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Five. What are you planning on using for your guest book?

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Friday Five: Wedding Flowers on a Budget

It is that time again! Happy Friday Everyone!

Today’s edition is about using flowers that won’t blow your budget. Between bouquets, centerpieces,  boutonnieres, and various other flowery decorations, flowers can take up a big chunk of your budget. But the good news is, they don’t have to! It is important to remember to look for flowers that will be in season on your wedding date, which means they will be less expensive than any other time of the year. However, there are some flowers that are cheap year around. Below are flowers that are budget friendly 365 days a year!

#1 Baby’s Breath

Long known as just fillers, Baby’s Breath are finally being used to stand out on their own! I think bouquets of baby’s breath are simple and elegant.

#2 Greenery

While not technically a type of flower, greenery is a perfect stand in! Greenery is usually cheaper than flowers but can be just as beautiful. The succulents pictured above make beautiful centerpieces.

#3 Gerbera Daises

Flowers Flowers Flowers :  wedding flowers riverside Large I020 large_i020

Daises look beautiful in a bouquet by themselves or mixed in with other flowers. They also make gorgeous centerpieces. If you want to be whimsical (and budget friendly) you can have your bridesmaids carry single gerbera daises instead of bouquets.

#4 Carnations

Okay, now stay with me on this one. I know the carnation has long been looked down upon, but look at the wonderful centerpieces pictured above! When grouped tightly, the carnations make beautiful centerpieces and bouquets. It’s time we give this under-rated flower some much deserved respect.

#5 Sunflowers

Sometimes called a weed, sunflowers look like anything but! They are simple and beautiful. Because of their size, sunflowers can be used as a bouquet or as a single flower.

Planning a wedding on a budget can seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be! The Georgetown Event Center in Georgetown, TX is a perfect place to have your dream wedding, and it is very reasonably priced. Perfect for the bride on a budget that doesn’t want to compromise. Find out more at!