Naked (gasp!) Wedding Cakes

Okay, so it isn’t as scandalous as the title makes it sound. No, I am not talking about some naughty bachelor/bachelorette party cakes (sorry to let you down), I am talking about the newest trend in wedding cakes: Naked Wedding Cakes! For those of you who don’t have a major sweet tooth and always find yourself scraping the icing off your cake slice, this is for you! The naked cakes have icing or filling in between the layers, but little to no icing on the sides. They are beautiful, unique, and could be quite the statement at your wedding!

Be sure to check out the Georgetown Bridal Show in Georgetown, TX on February 23, 2014. There will be plenty of delicious wedding cakes to taste. You can also talk to the wedding cake vendors about getting your own naked wedding cake made! Here is the link to their page:!

Did you have a naked wedding cake? Did you love it? Was it sweet enough for you?


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