Fall Wedding Reception Ideas

I love fall!  Aside from pretty colors, there are just so many wonderfully creative ways to decorate for a fall wedding reception.  One affordable decorating idea for busy brides on a budget is to decorate small pumpkins to use as centerpieces.  If you’re having a larger wedding, invite your bridesmaids over and let each of them decorate a few pumpkins.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!



These enchanting pumpkins can easily be created with small jewels, sequins, and pearls.  The inexpensive supplies you need can be picked up from your local craft store.



Want a fall twist on romantic candle lighting?  Cut holes in pumpkins and add an LED candle.  If your venue doesn’t allow candles, battery operated candles work just as well.

PumpkinDecor3For a bit more formal look and for brides willing to go to a bit more time and expense, lace over the pumpkin creates a very beautiful look.  If you’re lucky, you can find stockings with a pretty lace pattern.  Some sewing may be required.
Looking for a venue for your wedding reception?
Georgetown Event Center offers a beautiful setting with enough flexibility to make it uniquely yours.  www.GeorgetownTxWedding.com


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