Smart ideas to save money on your wedding

If you haven’t figured it out yet, weddings can be pretty pricy, but not to fear, The Busy Bride’s Guide is here! Here are some simple ways to save money without making your wedding feel cheap:

Use your connections

When you’re looking for vendors, check with family and friends first to see who they know. They may have connections with florists, caterers, photographers etc. who may give you a discount!

Really examine your guest list

Cutting your guest list can save you money in almost every area of your budget. It cuts costs on food, drink, even decor. Do you really need to invite your cousin’s friend that you’ve hung out with twice? Probably not.

Cut the beverage options

Instead of offering a full bar, opt for a few choices of wine and beer. Want cocktails? Offer you and your honey’s favorite mixed drink.

Use BIG flowers

Using big blooming flowers such as Hydrangeas as your main flower cut cost on arrangements. You’ll need fewer flowers, but still that “full”look.

Stick with what’s in season

Include fruits and veggies that are in season in your menu. This can cut catering costs. This can also apply to flowers; check with your florist to see what flowers are easiest to get.

Discount stores are your friends!

Scout out dollar stores and the clearance sections of home goods stores. These places are treasure troves for things like vases, candles, plenty of other goodies you can use for decor, favors, etc.


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