Beat the Heat!

This week we saw our first triple digit temperature of the summer. Oh, Texas. I love you. Really, I do. I do not, however, like the sweltering heat that you bring me every summer that keeps me inside my house with the a/c blasting. I would much rather be outside, but when it is 103 degrees I just can’t justify it. Some people are detirmined enough to have their wedding outside (like I talked about in an earlier post). To me it seems unfair to everyone in attendance- the bride in her dress that possibly weighs more than she does, the groom in a black, heat absorbing tux and then all the guests, patiently waiting while the hot air around seems to melt them into their chairs. This has all lead me to thinking that 1) despite the temperature, summer weddings are adorable and 2) there must be a way to recreate them inside, safely away from the famous heat and humidity we have here in Georgetown, Texas.

1.Fish Bowl Punch

So simple, fast and cute! Liven up the drink station with multiple glass bowls full of lemonade, punch, or any mixed cocktail and add in as many Swedish Fish as you like (or any gummy marine creature). To play up the theme a bit mor,e try covering a table in sand, pop an umbrella on it’s side and arrange all the different bowls around the scene!

2. Tumblers as party favors

Hydration is so important in the hot summer months! As a wedding favor think about personalizing reusable tumblers for guests that they can use to help through the hot months ahead. You can fill them with drink mix packets, sunglasses, drink recipes, little sun screen packs- anything you can think of! If you use them as place settings on tables to help guests find their seats they can be used all night and greatly reduce your need for throw away plastic cups! Not to mention your even center will be thrilled that all the drinks have lids!
Bride and Groom 16-Ounce Tervis Tumblers (Set of two)

3. S’mores bar!

For many people they can’t remember a summer that didn’t include a bonfire complete with s’mores. While the Georgetown Event Center does not allow our guests to have open flames, let alone bonfires, you can still find ways to mimic s’mores. Try dipping marshmallows and graham crackers in a chocolate fountain and add in your own extras like sprinkles, peanut butter or just about anything. Let’s be honest, what can you think of that doesn’t taste good with chocolate? Think about setting up a picnic table surrounded by low lighting in the reception room to place the chocolate fountain and s’mores ingredients on to give a more authentic feel.


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