Easy as 1, 2, 3

Numbering your tables can be more fun than you think!

Love Notes
A new twist on elementary school valentines!

  • Start buying the miniature mailboxes they sell in February  for kids’ valentines.
    -or get them on amazon.com for about $10 each
  • Label each of them with your table numbers.
  • At the reception, leave slips of paper (and envelopes if you want) at each table with pens and markers.
  • Ask guests to write messages to the bride and groom and place them in the mailboxes.
  • Designate one person to collect all the mailboxes at the end of the night and take them to the couple’s home while they are on their honeymoon.

    What’s better than returning home to dozens (even hundreds) of love notes?
    These make great keepsakes, too!

If you don’t have too many tables this is a great option!

  • Corresponding to each number include a short story about you and your partner’s adventures together up until your wedding day.
    -For example, table #1 would be a how you met, #2 would be your first date, and so on.
  • Type up the numbers and the stories on nice paper, print them out, and frame them.
  • Get creative:
    -they don’t all need to look the same as long as they match the colors/theme of the wedding
    -include pictures with some of them
    -place the print outs in frames on the tables (frames can easily be painted to match the color scheme)

    Mixing and matching frames on a table gives the look more texture and depth!

Mason Jars
You really can use them for everything.

  • Cut the numbers 0-9 out of a piece of sturdy paper or flexible cardboard (so that it will wrap around the jar)
  • Place the stencil around the jar and paint (make sure your paint is compatible with a glass surface) the number onto the mason jar.
  • Done!
  • Mix it up:
    -use chalk paint
    -put a candle inside for a nice glow

    Leave chalk on the tables and let guests add their own messages!



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