Celebrate Your Love (and your Loved Ones too!)

When most of us think of what represents a wedding or a marriage we only think of the obvious: bride, groom and maybe some cake being smashed into the smiling faces of the newly married couple. Now let’s take a second thought and think about how that couple came together. Where did they come from, what life events brought them to meeting each other, who instilled the values in them that their significant other loves so dearly? These are the facets to a couple that a wedding can sometimes forget to mention.

So, while  you have all of the people you care about most in your life in one room, why not take the opportunity and honor them, too?  Chances are you wouldn’t be standing up at that alter with the love of your life without the help and support of all those people sniffling happily in the pews behind you.

1. Display your story

  • So, I saw this adorable idea on pinterest.com (http://pinterest.com/pin/7740630579597507/) awhile back.
  • And then I had an idea to take it one step further!
    Hang fishing line, lace, ribbon (whatever you want to use really) across a room or along the wall in the reception area. Starting on one side of the fishing line hang pictures of the bride or groom chronicling their life right up until they met their significant other; repeat the process on the other side. In the middle, place pictures of the couple together that tell their story. You can even write out the timeline like the one on the chalkboard above on pieces of paper and stick those into the mix of photos.
    -for a more symbolic look you can post the photos onto the wall with poster putty and intertwine the middle photos to represent a knot or the infinity sign.
    -if you are really feeling this idea, branch it out to include a timeline of each others families.
    **You might need a pretty big space for this!**

2. Involve the guests

  • When you send out your invitations to the wedding ask guests to bring a copy (so they can keep their original!) of their favorite picture of them with either the bride, groom or both. When guests arrive at the reception have a photo album laid out on a table with instructions for guests. Ask everyone to tape/glue/somehow make their photo stick onto a page in the album and write a note next to it. This is a great idea for a few reasons, the first being who actually looks through a typical guest book years later? “Oh honey, do you remember John Givzoan… wait no, I think it says Gibzoan? Well, nevermind. John G. Do you remember him?” Exactly. Even if you do, you might not be able to read half the names. But a photo album with warm wishes for a happy marriage and pictures of you and your favorite people?  That’s a keeper.

    Check out our pinterest account for more ideas!


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