You found The One and have The Ring… what about The Place?

Choosing your event center is one of the first things you should think about doing in planning for your wedding. For as long as you are planning you will be asking questions that will rely on your choice of event center, like:

  • What kind of decorations can I use?
  • Are open flames allowed?
  • What about alcohol?
  • Will my guests be able to find it easily?
  • If I have out of town guests will they be able to stay nearby?
  • How long will I have the event center for?
  • Can I bring things ahead of time for storage?The list doesn’t stop there but in interest of keeping us all sane that is where I am choosing to end it for now.

For example, in our event center we don’t allow open flames, so you can’t use candles. The cute mason jars I posted about last week? You couldn’t use those here, but you could buy floating LED lights for the same effect. The candles may seem like a drawback, but on the other hand the only alcohol fee associated with using our center for weddings is a $20/hr security guard (we find one for you). This is what picking the event center is all about: being open minded and able to meet in the middle (which is not a bad mantra for the couple-to-be, either).

Keep in mind that your event center will set the tone for your wedding. Make a list of the things you expect from your event center. Mine would read “a dance floor, open late, and close to an outdoor venue for the ceremony.” Yours may be “outdoors, shaded, close to home.” Whatever it is, use it loosely as a guide and not as a strict set of rules to live by.

Next, start searching in your community (or wherever your wedding will take place) for event centers and then go visit them. Seeing photos online won’t be enough. You need to be able to stand in the space and visualize your dream wedding (ceremony, reception, or both) in there. Bring your list of expectations and talk to the manager about how they can help you realize your list of dream qualities.Try to bring the groom and/or a friend along since they will be able to give you insights about the venue that you might overlook if you were on your own. Make sure to ask what season is the busiest and if your wedding falls in that time period, book it fast. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a bride who waits to long to book her venue and then finds herself without one.

After you book the venue don’t hesitate to call them periodically to ask questions about policies or even something as simple as the room’s dimensions. It is better to call multiple times and ask than it is to show up the day of the wedding and have decorations that are not allowed.

Last, don’t take this responsibility on alone. Weddings are all about love and relationships- not about doing things solo. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s honest opinion or to call up a friend just so they can hear you think through things out loud to yourself.

A few pointers to remember in your search:

  • any space can be fun, you just have to get creative.
  • don’t be afraid of a room that is a bit less extravagant than the others you have seen- this just gives you the chance to customize it even more.
  • always make sure you see the space in person.
  • lock down your room first because it will serve as your guide for decoration, food, alcohol, and guest count decisions.

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Do you have any other suggestions for choosing an event center or any ideas for a new post? Leave us comments and let us know!


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