5 Centerpiece Ideas That Aren’t Flowers

When people think of weddings, images of big, beautiful bouquets, elegant floral decorations, and roses down the aisle often come to mind. But from some brides, their big day doesn’t involve flowers in every nook and cranny (especially if a guest has sever allergies!). Consider some of these centerpiece ideas that don’t involve flowers for your wedding.

1. Books

Books may not come to mind immediately as wedding decor, but when stacked artfully, old books and books with beautiful covers can really work well as centerpieces. For a personal touch, incorporate some of your or your finance’s favorite books in the centerpieces, or design all of the pieces around your favorite genre.Books

2. Birdcages

Birdcages can really look beautiful and add a rustic touch to your wedding. Fill and decorate them with candles, ribbons, burlap, or lace, or let them stand on their own for a simple but tasteful look.


3. Candles

Candles are elegant and create a great lighting for your reception. Bunch candles with different heights together to add dimension or place tealight candles in vases filled with water to give your reception a cool modern look. Candles are also a great addition to any centerpiece idea!Candle

4. Succulents

Succulents are all the rage these days and incorporating them into your wedding would add a soothing natural touch. You can buy succulents that have already been grouped together in a vase or you can build your own centerpieces by buying them separately and arranging them in wooden crates or deep glass fish bowls. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and work well with almost any theme!


5. Fruit

Using fruit as wedding decor may seem a little odd at first, but fruit works surprisingly well in centerpieces. It’s cheap, it takes up a lot of space, and it can work well with any color scheme and in any season. Make big fruit baskets of seasonal or local fruits to put in the middle of round tables or lay fruits such as grapes out like a table runner along with lush greenery on long, rectangular tables. You might be amazed at how great fruit can look in a wedding!


4 Ways to Have a Beautiful Budget Wedding

Today, the average cost of a wedding is around $26,500, with many weddings approaching the $100,000 mark. But if you don’t feel like dishing out thousands of dollars for one day, consider these tips that will help you have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget. 

1. Manage your guest list

It’s easy to feel obligated to invite everyone you know to your wedding, but at the end of the day, the more people you add to your guest list, the more the cost of your wedding goes up. A wedding is a celebration, but it is also a day where the bride and groom share one of the most intimate moments of their relationship. Consider the people you truly want to share that moment with and who you would be happy to see on your wedding day. This will not only make your wedding day special and unforgettable, but will also help you save on the overall cost of the event.


2. Be smart about decorations

Lots of flowers and fancy decorations may look nice in pictures, but overdoing decorations can be a budget nightmare. For flowers, considering buying them on the cheap yourself from a grocery store or local flower mart and recruiting friends to make the arrangements for centerpieces and other decorations. Look for inexpensive flowers such as Baby’s breath and Carnations, and use greenery to fill the empty space since it is much cheaper (and just as pretty) as flowers. Also, look for decorations such as books, vases, and lights in second-hand stores and online. There are many websites that buy decor from real weddings and sell it used at a fraction of the cost.


3. Timing is everything 

The classic dinner party reception is tried and true, but it also expected and predictable. Having a brunch or lunch reception can be a fun way to change things up a bit, and can save you major cash on your reception bill. Also, think about not only the time of day but the day of the week you want to have your wedding. Typically, most venues have cheaper rates for weekday, Friday, and Sunday weddings. But the best way to save money is to have an off-season wedding. Venues will usually offer major discounts for brides who schedule their wedding in late fall or winter.  


4. Save on your venue

Most ceremony and reception venues will take out a large chunk of your budget, but don’t settle for spaces that will cost you an arm and a leg. Many conventional, all-inclusive venues can give you the vision and feel you are looking for, but end up costing more than if you create the vision yourself. Consider having your ceremony outdoors and allowing nature to serve as your decor, then rent a simple space for your reception. Renting a space that is a blank slate gives you a lot of creative freedom, and with a little help from friends and family (and maybe Pinterest), a DIY wedding is easier to pull off than you think.


Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on how to slash your wedding budget and save a few bucks on your big day. Happy planning!

Trendy weddings for 2016-2017

Beautiful natural settings and shimmery neutral color themes are the two top choices for the 2016 year!

Long-Sleeve Weddings Gowns

Long-sleeve wedding gowns are a perfect match to set the look for an outside wedding.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are the perfect touch to finish off the look!

Neutral Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

These dresses add simple and subtle  beauty to the wedding party…

Metallic Color Themes

Brides this year are finding new and fun ways to incorporate metallic touches in their wedding.

Industrial Wedding Look

… and to spice up the look even more… add industrial decor to finish off the look!

Monochromatic Color Schemes 

Perfect to brighten up the natural look…

And lastly… the setting… National Park Weddings 


6 Sentimental Reception Table Name Tag Ideas

Want to put a cute twist to your reception? Creating sentimental table cards is a perfect way. Who said that your tables had to be numbers? These 6 table name themed ideas are a great way to celebrate and show off the cute stories of the couple’s relationship.


1. Childhood Pictures- Gather up some childhood pics of you and your guy for this cute table number idea. You can have the table number be the same as the age of the couple in the pictures.


2. Music/Record Lovers- Get your reception rocking and rolling with music themed table tags. You can name the tables by bands names or concerts and have the display for a record and concert ticket.


3. Jet Setters- Been to some cool places? Have your favorite places you and your other half has traveled together as your reception table names. Include pictures, place names or even postcards of places you’ve been to make it more personal, especially if you’re planning a bit of a travel themed wedding bash.


4. Movie Buffs- Name your tables after your favorite films (or after your favorite TV shows either!). You could pick the movies that you and your guy have seen together. If you want to jazz them up you could even include fun iconic images from the films.


5. Scrabble Pieces- You do not have to be a scrabble lover to incorporate this cute idea into your reception. You can spell out numbers, names, songs, whatever you want.


6. Favorite Memories/Milestones- This idea is similar to a regular table number card but with more sentimental value behind it. Give each number a meaning significant to their story such as a special date, event or even random fact. It’s a great way to share interesting facts with your guests.



Creative & Unique Guestbook Ideas

How often do couples really go through their guestbook and display it in our home? Chances are that the happy couple reads it once or twice and then puts it in storage with the rest of the wedding decorations. Here are some fun and unique ways for your guests to enjoy being welcomed to your wedding and also double as adorable home decor for you and guest to enjoy.


1.Game Pieces- If game night is a regular night at your house then this idea is for you. Whenever you have guest over make sure to play and look over all the thoughtful messages.

2. Puzzle Pieces- Instead of using a random puzzle, you can personalize the puzzle so that when the puzzle is completed it forms a picture(s) of the happy couple!


3. Artwork/Thumbprint- This idea is great for an artsy couple. The thumbprint can get a little messy and sometime hard to see the guests signature so I suggest this idea for a smaller wedding.

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4. Wine Corks- If you and your man are wine lovers then this guestbook idea is perfect! Start collecting!!!

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5.Globe- Couples that love traveling or are from two different countries, this is for you.  Guests can sign by where they are from, love to travel to, or where they wish to go. This can also help you decide where your next vacation will be.

6. Photo Booth Book- If you are having a photo booth at your wedding, why not ask your guest to place their picture stripe in the book and sign it.

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5 Times Your Flower Girl will be Cuter than You

Let’s face it. There is only one person who could steal the show at your wedding. And that person is your flower girl! So don’t miss out on these precious photo ops.

1. The Getting Ready Photo



2. The In-Awe Photo



3. The Big Girl Dress Photo



4. The Little Helper Photo


5. The Little Kiss Photo


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8 Amazing Wedding Exits

Do you want your wedding to be unique and memorable? One great way to change things up on your wedding day is with a spectacular wedding exit! Aside from the fabulous photo ops, your wedding exit is the grand final to one of the best days of your life… So why not make it fun and fresh! Check out these non-traditional wedding exits for your special send off!


1.Bubbles: Make everyone feel blown away on your wedding day. All your guests will have so much fun blowing bubbles while watching you and your special guy walk away. Easy clean up too!


2. Sparklers: Why not spark up your wedding night with some actual sparklers! The sparklers will help make your wedding exits extra magical!


3. Ribbon Wands: Your guests can wave goodbye with some festive ribbon wands. The wands are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors as well!


4. Pom Poms: What a cute and quirky wedding exit, right? These small/soft pom poms will create a whimsical feeling that will make everyone smile at your wedding! You can DIY also!!


5. Neon Glow Stick: Your future will feel extra bright as your guest wave neon glow sticks at your send off! A great way to keep the party going!

glow stick wedding exit (plus 4 other unique wedding exits)-meets requirement of no fireworks!:


6. Flower Petals: Create a romantic exit with beautiful flower petals!  Just pick your favorite flower and color and there you go!


7. Confetti:  Nothing says a party without a little confetti! You could go with neutrals or metallics but of course color will make an extra fun splash at your wedding!


8. Balloons: Nothing says celebration like a bunch of balloons. If you’re not really a fan of having things thrown on top of you (or at you), this is an equally fun variation on the tradition!